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etrave - caisse de rames

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Bol romain au Musée National d’Ecosse

Nilotic scene on a silver bowl in Scotland
15 December 2012 | by Francis Leveque | ref. : en.684.2012
IIe century AD | [en] objets divers
Bretagne ( Ecosse )

Rim of a silver bowl engraved with a scene of fishing on the Nile which includes a representation of a small Roman boat, from Traprain Law, East Lothian Council, Scotland. The Traprain Law hill was inhabited at least since the Iron Age.

The boat is invoice Roman Imperial, as can be found on the Tunisian mosaics, among others (eg in the mosaic from Sousse).

The bow is vertical above a ram. A case of trains which we see the two ends left out (awkwardly) 2 oars. Two sailors pulling the strings of a net.


Bibliography :

I. Armit , Ian Armit on an Iron Age tribal centre at Traprain Law, in Archaeology, vol. 57 , 2001
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