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Minoan clay pyxis
5 September 2013 | by Francis Leveque | ref. : en.847.2013
XIIIe century BC | [en] terre cuite
Crète ( Grèce )

The vase was found in a chamber tomb in the area of Koiliaris in the district of Kalyves-Aptera, Crete.

A man wearing a long garment is playing guitar in a field full of birds, horns of consecration and double axes. According to its provenance, the musical scene has a religious character, and means funeral ceremony. The player is interpreted as a singer or a priest. The backside of the pyxis is decorated with geometrical patterns.

Under the handles two almost identical representations suggest ships to almost vertical bow and stern visible on some Minoan seals. If this suggestion proves correct, narrative sense of Pyxis could be revised.

About 1300-1250 BC (late Minoan III-B period)
From Aptera, Crete
Chania, Archaeological Museum


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