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Meketre’s model boats

18 November 2013 | by Francis Leveque | *en | modèle | Beginning of IIe millennium BC | Egypte (Haute Egypte) ( Egypte )

Meketre’s tomb had been cut into a very poor stratum of stone, and had completely collapsed, leaving a dark, gaping cave in the cliff. The tomb had been robbed in ancient times and the discovery of a small hidden chamber filled with almost perfectly preserved models that had remained hidden for nearly forty centuries was a fortuitous event.

At the end of the excavation season, the models were divided. Half of them went to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the other half, including six boats, four models of food production, an enclosed garden, a procession of three offering bearers led by a priest, and a tall offering figure, came to New York.


Bibliography :

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