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Boat shaped palette from Gayer-Anderson collection (1)
24 October 2013 | by Francis Leveque | ref. : en.996.2013
IVe - Ve millennium BC | [en] palette
Egypte (Haute Egypte) ( Egypte )

Boat shaped palette with one end turned up and a hole drilled through. One small raise on the middle of the ridge which terminates with a drilled hole which now is damaged. The other end of the palette has a small raise.

17.5 x 11cm.

Predynastic Period (ca 5500-3100 B.C.)

From the R.G. Gayer-Anderson collection

Material : Schist


Bibliography :

  • Flinders Petrie, Corpus of prehistoric pottery and palettes, British school of archaeology in Egypt : University College (BASE), Londres , 1921, n° 30, pl. LIV
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